Divya Gopalan


 Divya Gopalan has prepared staff and directors of multinational corporations and NGOs to face the media. With her background in some of the worlds top news stations and her active work with online news portals, she has the inside knowledge on what’s needed to take on today’s reporters and journalists. She partnered with a media training company in Malaysia to service clients including Germany’s Bbraun in crisis management. She has also worked with NGO’s like the Red Cross to teach their staff on how to present themselves to the media whether it is broadcast, print or digital.

Having worked on shows like BBC’s Hardtalk she can give an interview subject the edge when being faced with aggressive questioning. She has also trained professionals in effective presenting to audiences, and speaking in front of cameras, skills she has honed as a news anchor and moderator. She has experience both in front of the cameras, and in the newsroom for global stations like CNN International, BBC, CNBC and Al Jazeera where she still is a correspondent.


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